May 14

Twitter Poem: Late for Church

Today’s Twitter poem is a Haiku due to the low word submission rate so I decided to do a fun Haiku using the 4 words that were played (in bold) from the following Twitter followers: @sopranospinner (Choir), @KnightDiver (snarky), @newfiechick (fragment), @JandyMcKlane (scent)

Late for Church

Fragment of a choir
Devout scent of frankincense
Snarky preacher waits

Haiku by Justin Germino

May 12

Poem: Where Something Was Waiting

Where Something Was Waiting

I felt it first
like something was waiting
little tickles on my neck
sixth sense nonsense
too quiet it seemed
were there predators
for men who were prey?
silly panic over nothing
smile cracked a frown
yet it was felt again
uneasy something was there
just around the corner
where something was waiting

-Poem by Justin Germino

May 10

Deep Swimming

In the darkest hours of the night, in the middle of an ocean where nothing but silence and stars are companions.  The waters echo the moonlight and the beauty mirrors the horror at the same time.  Here is where the deep swimming begins and ends when freedom comes in liquid lungs. And those that dream a porpoise with a purpose is nothing more than fiction of the mind.  Lungs discarded and freedom to live in waves of cold,  washing away impurities of the land.  Deep swimming, if only we really knew the freedom it brings, to have wings without wings, live inside a watery abyss that is more foe than friend and yet freedom to move about without disruption and discourse.  Why bother touching surface again, just let your body sink and sink until eyes have no purpose as there is nothing left to see.  Wash in cleaner waters than anywhere else, kiss the corals before you expire in the depths from which there is no return.  This is what it means to be truly free, not to soar in the sky with hollow bones and feathered wings, but to sink beneath like a falling angel until you are taken by the sea, swallowed by the blue and this is to know the meaning of deep swimming.


May 08

Poem: In the End

In the End

In the end all was calm
a choice in fair hands
as love surrounded
and everything pure
was left in it’s place
time melted into substance
smoked and exhaled
rush like hot coffee
extreme act of extremism
more than one soul wept
but there were no gates
just the fading light
and fading sounds
and in the end
all was calm

-Poem by Justin Germino

May 06

Poem: The End of Isolation

When all things seem alone, dark and there is nobody that understands, this is where taking inventory of all the positive in your life, those souls and lives around you matters most.  Live for those who are affected by your life and make making a difference your purpose.

The End of Isolation

Though dark and alone

a spirit in a corner

without understanding

comfort unknown

a mind beaten

convinced of no purpose

and uninspired influence

arrogance of self pity

and denial of truth

rising from despair

one thought at a time

who would miss you

who do you live for

who lives for you

whose life is better

and would be worse off

if you were not in it

there is no isolation

even if you can’t think

someone doesn’t yet exist

someone will

reach out and make

connections today

and this is

the end of isolation

-Poem by Justin Germino


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