Oct 01

Poem: Rough Seas


Rough Seas

Another mouth to feed
another bill to pay
this is your life
is it the only way?

Choices are hard
and discipline it takes
but despair is not
acceptable any longer

These rough seas
making you sick
long enough now
steer a new course

Don’t wait for change
force it to become
a reality you control
things can be different

Cast away anchors
that keep you
in toxic waters
and sail free

-Poem by Justin Germino

Sep 28

Poem: Alignment


A world judged
without alignment
where is a god
when one is needed

A hundred sided conflict
all for a greater name
how we must be mocked
a species without reason

But your god is true
and all others false
a sin to all without recourse
is really a sin to none

Our finest hour
was never found
may never be found
without alignment

-Poem by Justin Germino

Sep 26

Poem: True Purpose


True Purpose

Do you ever have that itch
something urging you forward
a purpose you just can’t define
something grander than this day
repeating over and over again

Do you ever feel destined
for something beyond tomorrow
this is your soul reaching out
it’s attempt to grab your attention
to prod you onto a different track

One to serve it’s means without distraction
follow your heart; follow your soul
listen to what you were mean’t do be doing
instead of just doing what you are doing
day after day without knowing why

Find true purpose

Poem by Justin Germino

Sep 24

Poem: The Promise


The Promise

The promise to return
something spoken
and believed to be true
only it wasn’t
and the day he left
the moment felt different
I knew something, intangible
yet I wanted to believe
he would be back
he loved me
and I loved him
were the last spoken words
but time felt human
and a gut just knows
the news hours later
life was never the same
he promised to return
said not to worry
now this hole permanent
a promise was broken

-Poem by Justin Germino

Sep 22

Poem: Fly Away With You

This poem was inspired by my wife, and I dedicate this one to her.

Fly Away With You

I want to fly away with you
the sky and distant islands
our destiny; our playground

I want to fly away with you
and see how the stars glitter back
and mirror the twinkle in your eyes

I want to fly away with you
to another time and place
where the universe is our unity

I want to fly away with you
our dreams are our reality
our souls shall roam galaxies

Together, there is only you
my partner in flight
through time and space

-Poem by Justin Germino

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