Feb 18

Acrostic Poem: United We Stand

United We Stand

Under the stars
never doubting
invisible; we plan
toward an
end goal

Wedding in secret
eloping they call it

Soon maybe even tomorrow
tomorrow isn’t soon enough
a heart can only wait so long
never denied
determined to be wed

-Poem by Justin Germino

Feb 09

Between U and I – a Guest Poem by Alexander Jackson

Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by Alexander here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry.


Between U and I

a guest poem by Alexander Jackson

for Suzanne


Somewhere you must be

Beyond a wall

Past the orchard

Where our children played

In the open field

Between u and i

Where they grew strong


Somewhere you are

Never looking

At the faded thing

That lay between

U and i

On those hot nights

When your single

Eye tore through my soul

Shone until

There was no more

U or i


Somewhere you must be

         Beyond that wall

Asleep beside me

         Just past the garden,

Dreaming like a child


I would climb

The wall’s too high

Cross the field

Morning’s coming

Call your name

In tearing wind


Somewhere you are

I know I could

Say your name,

But I’ve loved

Your vast silence.

Would reach out

Touch your almond

Skin and vanish

And there would

Only be

U and i


Still, at the

End of the day

I am right

Oustside. Don’t

You remember?

The man who

Braved the wall,

The orchard,

The field.


But really…


What lies between

U and I

Is only

This prayer

That you will

Open your eyes

Come down stairs

And let me in.

Thank you for reading today’s guest poem, please take the time to let our guest poet know what you thought of their work by leaving a comment.

Jan 12

Poem: Cannot Exist

Cannot Exist

I cannot touch

I have no body

I cannot scream

I have no face

I cannot breath

I have no mouth

I cannot see

I have no eyes

I cannot smell

I have no nose

I cannot hear

I have no ears

I cannot think

I have no brain

I cannot exist

-Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 10

Acrostic Poem: Know Me

Know Me

Knot of pain
Noose of loss
Open sorrow

My time nears

-Poem by Justin Germino

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