Dec 15

Poem: Missing Final Words

Missing Final Words


The finality of death

a great equalizer

in suffering and emotion

mocking my chances

at finding closure


A lost chance to speak

about forgiveness and hate

all twisted up without words

words to express feelings

that never worked out


Passing on nightmare notes

reconciliation not in our cards

instead guilt and regret

our bedfellows

until the end


There was good among the bad

there was love before the hate

there was life before death

can you know how I felt

how I still feel

even though

we were missing final words?


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Dec 04

Spreading Cheer – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 4th

Today’s poem naturally written a few weeks before Christmas was inspired by the spirit of the season and pretty much captures the classic grinch/grump turned to spreading kindness summed up in a neat little poem that serves to remind those who struggle, to still consider those less fortunate and spread kindness and not hatred or anger even if you are going through some tough times. This poem was inspired by the 3 words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter folks: @howelegant (uplift), @davelucas (behooved), @radityadji (catharsis)

Spreading Cheer

In times of holiday splendor
a soul behooved to darkness
jubilations only serving
to release untimely catharsis

One timely moment is taken
spirits not prone to uplift
yet seeing those more broken
mood change was surely swift

Was it really all so bad
why not take the time to greet
spread a little love around
showing kindness to all you meet

-Poem by Justin Germino

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Nov 24

Poem: Broken Soul

Broken Soul

I stand before you

a broken soul

in little things we meant

so much more

when times so great

senses came alive

met horrible endings

and still pulled though

but enough was enough

or so they say

and a frayed soul

is all that remains

yet can I recover

can my tapestry

be rewoven

or am I to remain

this broken soul?

-Poem by Justin Germino

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Nov 14

UNTIL THEN – a Guest Poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar

Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by Cheryl here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry.


a guest poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar

Dancing, tiptoeing here I am
Brought in from the mists
of a faraway land
Listening to the echo
of winter winds
Here I bask
in the warmth of
Summer’s sun
Now I cannot
ever look back.

The falling leaves
must kiss the ground
In never ending rhythmic flow
Then lie until
the sun outshines
Their burst of gold
Decaying in softest
winter leaves
Until then …
Here I will be found.

Thank you for reading today’s guest poem, please take the time to let our guest poet know what you thought of their work by leaving a comment.

Nov 13

Haiku: Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets

Just one new chapter

My hidden book of secrets

Vast volume of lies

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