Nov 24

Acrostic Poem: Arrogance


Aren’t you special
Requiring instead of
Noone who
Empty paths

-Poem by Justin Germino

Nov 22

Poem: Any Land With You

Any Land with You

Doesn’t matter if scorching deserts
or windy plains with torrential storms
mountains filled with darkest caves
any land is home with you

Savage seas and shaky knees
swampy mires and shallow trees
sandy beaches with island breeze
any land is home with you

Distant landscapes with purple rain
and endless fog at midnight
a dreamscape land of red
any land is home with you

-Poem by Justin Germino

Nov 21

Poem: Bunny Foot

Bunny Foot

Quick as a fox
darting between life
without notice
leaving no mark

Without tracks
and leaving no trace
who will know
who will remember

A bunny foot life
quick and easy
but in the end
you are no memory

-Poem by Justin Germino

Nov 20

Poem: Pushing the Fast

Pushing the Fast

When it comes to the fast
we starve and deny
embracing the pain
the emptiness
hoping to purify

The fast an enigma
soul cannot be purged
experience and knowledge
even if unwanted stays
memories remain

Gorging on failure
one gets full of defeat
and condemning disappointments
only lead to more fasting
until a breaking point

Swallow the truth
failures are life
purging not required
we push through wounds
toward the finish line

-Poem by Justin Germino

Nov 19

Just A Stress Depress Nothing to Empress – a Guest Poem by Rochel Jane Dañucop

Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by Rochel Jane here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry.

Just A Stress Depress Nothing to Empress

a guest poem by Rochel Jane Dañucop
let me take chance;
to accept it.
you fake it.
NO sad reality.
your not really deserving
part of a life story.
your just a dust.
that fades away like a trash.
an ingredient that suddenly
turns to a rotten taste.
your just a time to waste.
now i realize your just a part of it.
not to the extent.
your to that point.
no need to joint.
those memories will fade its way.
no need to mention you just have
a fake mask
that hiding from your evil creation.
i dont feel hestitation.
dont bother coz im not affected
by your demonic action
your a stress. depress nothing to impress.
and i wouldnt feel to interest.
so let it be.
the fact reality
like a bubble with one wink of an eye.
you’ll be gone in my sight.
so long…
no goodbyes.
let it be. the ending of the story.
coz every end. a better life begins.
hahaha. #InstantPoem from Rochel’s Brilliant
hahaha. #InstantPoem

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