Jan 12

Poem: Cannot Exist

Cannot Exist

I cannot touch

I have no body

I cannot scream

I have no face

I cannot breath

I have no mouth

I cannot see

I have no eyes

I cannot smell

I have no nose

I cannot hear

I have no ears

I cannot think

I have no brain

I cannot exist

-Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 10

Acrostic Poem: Know Me

Know Me

Knot of pain
Noose of loss
Open sorrow

My time nears

-Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 08

Poem: I Can’t Stand Tall

I Can’t Stand Tall

I can’t stand tall
against this wall
with very little hope

Intangible stone
this poison throne
little chance to cope

In one quick moment
poor choice to vent
things tumble down

One horrible decision
a despairing prison
life now a frown

-Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 07

Poem: Murdered with Words

Murdered with Words

What was said in a whisper
couldn’t be repeated in a room
a storm rolls in on words
that never should have been spoken
and repercussions are salvation
good intentions paved with hell
and this verbal poison spreads
as the disease and infected
become collateral damage
in words barely spoken
words barely heard
sharp as any sword
murder of souls
and dreams

-Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 06

Poem: Present Struggle

Present Struggle

There is no past
there is no future
the present is all we see
in this life; do-overs aren’t real
and mistakes aren’t lessons
but tacks to wear the tire
that your life runs on
when the tire runs out
hope and faith cease
and reasons to exist fade
into some alternate life
or reality that is better
than this one; more tangible
where a loss becomes gain
instead of the gain a loss
and in nothing comes clarity
this world was meant for someone else
something else; something better
and this struggle just doesn’t work
because the past is too late
the future isn’t close enough
and the present only brings pain

-Poem by Justin Germino

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