Nov 14

UNTIL THEN – a Guest Poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar

Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by Cheryl here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry.


a guest poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar

Dancing, tiptoeing here I am
Brought in from the mists
of a faraway land
Listening to the echo
of winter winds
Here I bask
in the warmth of
Summer’s sun
Now I cannot
ever look back.

The falling leaves
must kiss the ground
In never ending rhythmic flow
Then lie until
the sun outshines
Their burst of gold
Decaying in softest
winter leaves
Until then …
Here I will be found.

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Nov 13

Haiku: Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets

Just one new chapter

My hidden book of secrets

Vast volume of lies

Nov 12

Poem: Arrow through Heart

It struck me like an arrow through heart

a realization that life would never be the same

that the mundane was no more acceptable

something greater just stepped into my life

beauty with no equal in mind and body

love at first sight was not a farce

because I knew when I saw you

my life was just beginning

and all that came before

was the prelude

my love


Nov 11

Poem: Where Was My Country?

“the ironies are obvious. To survive as a soldier in an overseas conflict, only to be killed in your neighborhood upon your return.”

Where Was My Country?

A country served in duty

wars not fought in a day

friends and brothers lost

yet I came home that day

a home that forgot heroes

and why we were there

disputes that end in blood

in our own homeland

is this worth fighting for

is this worth dying for

this soldier has fallen

surviving a war

only to die at home

-Poem by Justin Germino

This was inspired by a recent news article and dedicated to Francisco Garcia.


Nov 10

Poem: Silently Watching

I am here waiting, watching

always wondering when

when will you finally wake up

when will you see a world around you

that light exists; love exists

and darkness is only a choice

proud cries and strong hands

hold no comfort unless you let them

my visions see a better life

yet do not come to fruition


I am here waiting, watching

as struggles continue endlessly

and your soul shows wear and tear

like a tire worn by a road of thorns

hope once hung by a threat

that has long since frayed to nothing

and yet I still hold my hand

my words of comfort

are not enough to help

not enough to save you


So I am silently watching

unable to do much more

doctors, potions and alchemy

merely offer false hope

truth lies in conquering demons

and allowing yourself to be free

light does exist if you look at it

and this hand is here waiting

these eyes are looking

silently watching for signs

that hope returns


-Poem by Justin Germino


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