Dec 11

12.21.12 Random Twitter Poem for Dec 11th

The poem 12.21.12 is a doomsday poem depicting a situation where human learns in the last moments that the end is coming.  This poem captures those final moments and includes 14 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: @najirion (haunting), @writingnag (unexpected), @essvari (double dutch), @technicallyeasy (baking), @rubyvintage (measure), @ken_yub13 (stapler), @davelucas (pudding), @goodyniosi (genuflect), @lorimc64 (glow), @wannajus (curtain), @marsdorian (oblivion), @mollygirl77 (NOEL), @ou_com (Historical), @solomonobaje (Ambidextrous)

Listen to the poem here, or read it below.




Haunting science the stapler of truth
ambidextrous deity spells our doom
frightened knees turning to pudding
as desperate worshippers genuflect
no way to measure society baking
under this solar double Dutch oven
final visions an unexpected glow
historical curtain of oblivion arrives
this final Noel would never come

-Poem written by Justin Germino

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    Nice Poem!