Feb 27

Acrostic Poem: Information

Wrote this poem while on break at an IT security meeting while in San Francisco.  It is appropriately themed given the topics discussed in my all day meetings and probably appeals more to technology folks.


I nside the

N etwork looking

F or weakness

O r exploits

R eaching secure

M achines

A nd

T aking

I nformation

O n your

N etwork

-poem by Justin Germino

  • http://ipad3keyboard.com/ murat

    Don’t you really think that this poem is rather boring as IT sector is ? :) Tell us about blonde girls who are database administrators as well. 

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com/ Dragon Blogger

      Poetry is subjective like any art form, as far as your interests clearly you have a preference for love, lust, passion poetry and I have category for love poems which may interest you.