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Name: Justin Germino
Date registered: September 28, 2008
URL: http://www.dragonblogger.com


I am a dedicated father and husband who works an IT job during the day and has as passion for blogging and poetry. I have been writing poems for more than twenty years and I write at least 1 new poem or haiku per day and publish it on this blog since it started in September 2008.

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May 14

Twitter Poem: Late for Church

Today’s Twitter poem is a Haiku due to the low word submission rate so I decided to do a fun Haiku using the 4 words that were played (in bold) from the following Twitter followers: @sopranospinner (Choir), @KnightDiver (snarky), @newfiechick (fragment), @JandyMcKlane (scent) Late for Church Fragment of a choir Devout scent of frankincense Snarky …

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May 12

Poem: Where Something Was Waiting

Where Something Was Waiting I felt it first like something was waiting little tickles on my neck sixth sense nonsense too quiet it seemed were there predators for men who were prey? silly panic over nothing smile cracked a frown yet it was felt again uneasy something was there just around the corner where something …

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May 10

Deep Swimming

In the darkest hours of the night, in the middle of an ocean where nothing but silence and stars are companions.  The waters echo the moonlight and the beauty mirrors the horror at the same time.  Here is where the deep swimming begins and ends when freedom comes in liquid lungs. And those that dream …

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May 08

Poem: In the End

In the End In the end all was calm a choice in fair hands as love surrounded and everything pure was left in it’s place time melted into substance smoked and exhaled rush like hot coffee extreme act of extremism more than one soul wept but there were no gates just the fading light and …

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May 06

Poem: The End of Isolation

When all things seem alone, dark and there is nobody that understands, this is where taking inventory of all the positive in your life, those souls and lives around you matters most.  Live for those who are affected by your life and make making a difference your purpose. The End of Isolation Though dark and …

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