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Name: Justin Germino
Date registered: September 28, 2008
URL: http://www.dragonblogger.com


I am a dedicated father and husband who works an IT job during the day and has as passion for blogging and poetry. I have been writing poems for more than twenty years and I write at least 1 new poem or haiku per day and publish it on this blog since it started in September 2008.

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Dec 15

Poem: Missing Final Words


Missing Final Words   The finality of death a great equalizer in suffering and emotion mocking my chances at finding closure   A lost chance to speak about forgiveness and hate all twisted up without words words to express feelings that never worked out   Passing on nightmare notes reconciliation not in our cards instead …

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Dec 04

Spreading Cheer – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 4th


Today’s poem naturally written a few weeks before Christmas was inspired by the spirit of the season and pretty much captures the classic grinch/grump turned to spreading kindness summed up in a neat little poem that serves to remind those who struggle, to still consider those less fortunate and spread kindness and not hatred or …

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Nov 24

Poem: Broken Soul


Broken Soul I stand before you a broken soul in little things we meant so much more when times so great senses came alive met horrible endings and still pulled though but enough was enough or so they say and a frayed soul is all that remains yet can I recover can my tapestry be …

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Nov 13

Haiku: Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets Just one new chapter My hidden book of secrets Vast volume of lies

Nov 12

Poem: Arrow through Heart

It struck me like an arrow through heart a realization that life would never be the same that the mundane was no more acceptable something greater just stepped into my life beauty with no equal in mind and body love at first sight was not a farce because I knew when I saw you my …

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