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Name: Justin Germino
Date registered: September 28, 2008
URL: http://www.dragonblogger.com


I am a dedicated father and husband who works an IT job during the day and has as passion for blogging and poetry. I have been writing poems for more than twenty years and I write at least 1 new poem or haiku per day and publish it on this blog since it started in September 2008.

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Nov 24

Acrostic Poem: Arrogance

Arrogance Aren’t you special Requiring instead of Respecting Others Greatnesss Awaits Noone who Chooses Empty paths -Poem by Justin Germino

Nov 22

Poem: Any Land With You

Any Land with You Doesn’t matter if scorching deserts or windy plains with torrential storms mountains filled with darkest caves any land is home with you Savage seas and shaky knees swampy mires and shallow trees sandy beaches with island breeze any land is home with you Distant landscapes with purple rain and endless fog …

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Nov 21

Poem: Bunny Foot

Bunny Foot Quick as a fox darting between life without notice leaving no mark Without tracks and leaving no trace who will know who will remember A bunny foot life quick and easy but in the end you are no memory -Poem by Justin Germino

Nov 20

Poem: Pushing the Fast

Pushing the Fast When it comes to the fast we starve and deny embracing the pain the emptiness hoping to purify The fast an enigma soul cannot be purged experience and knowledge even if unwanted stays memories remain Gorging on failure one gets full of defeat and condemning disappointments only lead to more fasting until …

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Oct 30

Poem: Because of Her


Because of Her It is why I try to provide more strive more live more take pride more forgive more love more feel more think more dream more be more It is why I try to hurt less hate less stray less weigh less judge less control less fake less envy less risk less resent …

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