Apr 26

Blah Performance: Random Twitter Poem for Apr 26th

Blah Performance paints a picture of a once high and mighty actress or opera singer well past her prime and unable to capture an audience after falling reviews. This poem was inspired by the 11 word submissions (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players:
@rodicka (ubiquitous), @L00ty (discontent), @PaulTheGerman (Diva), @TechnicallyEasy (Jumping), @ptaylor98 (twilight), @DebraUlrich (Word), @sfihomebizz (perfect), @chrystieowens (create), @dramatic99 (blah), @peace_luver3596 (decadent), @Sakshikumar (sleep)


Blah Performance

Decadent ubiquitous diva
forever discontent, jumping
each vocal performance succeeds
only in invoking perfect sleep
shining career now in twilight
able to create applause no more
the last reporter’s word final
this was a “blah” performance

-Poem by Justin Germino

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  • http://www.sfihomebizz.com Kavita

    I appreciate your instant creation of rhyming with a few random words

    I liked the lines

    “each vocal performance succeeds
    only in invoking perfect sleep”

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thank you it is a fun and creative exercise.

  • http://www.eventlovershideout.com/ Event Lover

    a very nice poem :) i like it

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thanks for reading it.

  • http://www.stateoftwitter.com Persian Poetess

    Delightfully snarky poem about would-be divas :P. You managed to get me to chuckle at the final slap of irony. I’m developing a blog roll on my site, once its finished, you will definitely grace the page. Twitter is one muse that certainly does keep on giving ‒ keep up the marvelous work!

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thank you, appreciate the comment and the showcase on your site.