Jan 27

Broken Silence: Random Twitter Poem for Jan 27th

Today’s poem Broken Silence is probably one of the most comical poems I have ever written, it is all about being in a crowded room where someone let’s one rip and the whole audience looks to find the culprit or a scapegoat to take credit.  It was a poem inspired by the 15 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter followers:
@greatgothninja (flatulence), @solomonobaje (Serendipity), @oneunder2001 (anachronism ), @conceptcrucible (zephyr), @stickyprints (knotted), @essvari (fervour), @goodyniosi (abrasive), @newyorkbigapple (volunteer), @lindaperrybarr (timesuck), @msfitztx (converted), @persianpoetess (Supremely), @dvcaz (Schadenfreude), @rajanbalana (tragic), @maddogten (Rubber), @travelbyrv (evidence)

You can listen to the poem here, or read below.

Broken Silence

Escaping like a knotted zephyr
not derived from some rubber bag
leaving supremely tragic evidence
abrasive timesuck converted serendipity
room now abound with accused anachronism
fervour to find some poor volunteer
as the Schadenfreude squirm in silence
looking for the source of flatulence

-Poem by Justin Germino

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  • MadDogTen

    @dragonblogger If there is a next time and I’m on, I’m totally picking “Floccinaucinihilipilification”.

    • dragonblogger

      @maddogten I already did a poem with that word http://t.co/Sdzmy502 check it out.

      • MadDogTen

        @dragonblogger I like your work, and it figures some did those words. lol – I have a Word Planned now though, Learned to search your site.

        • dragonblogger

          @maddogten Cool, do you the #1 most submitted word over last 3 years was serendipity!

  • dragonblogger

    @lindaperrybarr Glad you enjoyed it, was hard to read without laughing on mic.

    • lindaperrybarr

      @dragonblogger I bet:)

  • dragonblogger

    @travelbyrv Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Essvari

    @dragonblogger hahahah! I truly enjoyed this poem Justin. ☯ & ❤ 2 everyone @goodyniosi @newyorkbigapple @lindaperrybarr @msfitztx :)

    • dragonblogger

      @essvari Thank you, was a silly one.