Apr 23

In the Cards: Random Twitter Poem for Apr 23rd

In the Cards is a poem about perhaps seeing a fortune teller who predicts a bizaare romantic twist in the future.  This poem included the 9 words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players:
@davidmasters (opus), @bumpyknight (Hotcha), @wippy_ (forte), @goodyniosi (titillating), @minnie_madz (champions), @vivamattyvegas (haberdasher), @selurus (horoscope), @jenaisle (phylogenetic), @ldylarke (Gynotikolobomassophile)

is someone who likes to nibble on women’s earlobes
Phylogenetic is the history / evolution of a group of organisms

Fortune Teller

In the Cards

Haberdasher with charm
one looming evening
planned encounter

Horoscope now predicting
gentleman having some
gynotikolobomassophile forte

Forecasted titillating hotcha
soon champions this
phylogenetic opus

-Poem by Justin Germino

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  • LdyLarke

    @dragonblogger lol! well done sir! well done :D

    • dragonblogger

      @ldylarke Thank you, was quite a challenge yesterday.