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Nov 24

Acrostic Poem: Arrogance

Arrogance Aren’t you special Requiring instead of Respecting Others Greatnesss Awaits Noone who Chooses Empty paths -Poem by Justin Germino

Feb 18

Acrostic Poem: United We Stand

United We Stand Under the stars never doubting invisible; we plan toward an end goal deliverance Wedding in secret eloping they call it Soon maybe even tomorrow tomorrow isn’t soon enough a heart can only wait so long never denied determined to be wed -Poem by Justin Germino

Aug 19

Poem: Robin Williams


Still feeling the affects of losing one of my favorite comedians and actors and decided to write this agnostic poem in tribute to Robin Williams.

Feb 08

Acrostic Poem: Hypocrisy


Wrote this poem while waiting for a band to start playing at a club a few weeks ago, wanted to write an acrostic poem as I hadn’t written one in a while and this popped into my head. An acrostic poem is one where the first letter of ever sentence can be read as a …

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Feb 27

Acrostic Poem: Information


Wrote this poem while on break at an IT security meeting while in San Francisco.  It is appropriately themed given the topics discussed in my all day meetings and probably appeals more to technology folks. Information I nside the N etwork looking F or weakness O r exploits R eaching secure M achines A nd …

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