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Dark Poems

Sep 01

Poem: Swimming with Decisions

Swimming with Decisions Strokes of thought wading through pools options infinite and no peace no choice seems clear decisions like a distant shore more thoughts swim the shore is no closer and worry and fear married anxiety with despair offspring thoughts float treading water for now because swimming can’t find conclusion can’t stop my mind …

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Jul 01

Poem: Return to the Drink

Return to the Drink In the safety of the drink no words to hear your sorrow the sickness of sea sympathy in motion   In warring words and ghosts of regret waves washing over why not take a drink   The saltiness on your lips reflex to not swallow yet it is not hard convincing …

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Jun 01

Legacy of the Void

Legacy of the Void Ah darling death with your sincere grin where all my answers end and new ones only begin   Your promises so certain such charm found in eyes how could I not listen falling for those lies   Now in the prim beyond stars this life I once enjoyed suffering is my eternity …

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May 12

Poem: Where Something Was Waiting

Where Something Was Waiting I felt it first like something was waiting little tickles on my neck sixth sense nonsense too quiet it seemed were there predators for men who were prey? silly panic over nothing smile cracked a frown yet it was felt again uneasy something was there just around the corner where something …

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May 10

Deep Swimming

In the darkest hours of the night, in the middle of an ocean where nothing but silence and stars are companions.  The waters echo the moonlight and the beauty mirrors the horror at the same time.  Here is where the deep swimming begins and ends when freedom comes in liquid lungs. And those that dream …

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