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Dark Poems

Mar 17

Poem: Got No Imagination

In a world of black and white, all it takes is a little imagination to see the color for what it is. The colors that run around us and make us who we are.   Got No Imagination Walking beside me are beings of black deeds done in devils name though white words are empty …

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Jan 25

Poem: Trapped in Dollar

  Trapped in Dollar You missed something in life a key moment or speech where you learned to live to be free and happy and pursue passion when the mighty dollar became all that mattered and controlled living numbed your soul and mind caused sleepless nights and endless worry You missed something in life when …

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Jan 18

Poem: Wondering Purpose

Wondering Purpose For these long years I hung my head in shame goals conquered me not the other way around I long for ending long for some purpose greater than the daily grind yet I lurk in shadows grind in repetition rinsing and repeating my daily life again When songs play spirit soars my mood …

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Jan 04

Poem: The Weeping Game

The Weeping Game As the world begins to sleep we begin to worry we begin to weep Intentions frozen hearts never thaw we continue to try we continue to flaw But the world turns no earnest change we grow callous we grow strange There is no ending just more of the same we know how …

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