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Dark Poems

Dec 15

Poem: Missing Final Words


Missing Final Words   The finality of death a great equalizer in suffering and emotion mocking my chances at finding closure   A lost chance to speak about forgiveness and hate all twisted up without words words to express feelings that never worked out   Passing on nightmare notes reconciliation not in our cards instead …

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Nov 24

Poem: Broken Soul


Broken Soul I stand before you a broken soul in little things we meant so much more when times so great senses came alive met horrible endings and still pulled though but enough was enough or so they say and a frayed soul is all that remains yet can I recover can my tapestry be …

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Nov 10

Poem: Silently Watching

I am here waiting, watching always wondering when when will you finally wake up when will you see a world around you that light exists; love exists and darkness is only a choice proud cries and strong hands hold no comfort unless you let them my visions see a better life yet do not come …

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Oct 03

Poem: Paradox


  Paradox This simple little paradox cross between a cat and a fox a critter with no name yet curious all the same his eyes may seem kind hiding a keen, clever mind but don’t let this fool you or you will become victim too a beast that preys upon innocent and all things good …

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Oct 01

Poem: Rough Seas


  Rough Seas Another mouth to feed another bill to pay this is your life is it the only way? Choices are hard and discipline it takes but despair is not acceptable any longer These rough seas making you sick long enough now steer a new course Don’t wait for change force it to become …

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