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Feb 04

Lights Turn Off – Four Short Poems

Lights Turn Off is a collection of 4 short poems making up the same title which are all inspired by a recent suicide event that took place and affected the family. Though I did not know this person, my wife did and it has affects on even the people who play small parts in one’s …

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Jan 25

Poem: The Pocket Region

The Pocket Region In the pocket region of the black soul mind simmering like acrid stone soup whispering sorrows skipping heart beats song of silence most frightening of all inspecting the void core sanity and purity becoming infected leaving only madness thoughts thunder tearing worlds asunder and new hope glimmers on a distant dream -Poem …

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Jan 09

Poem: When is it Time?

When is it Time? When is it time to throw in the towel realizing the match was always rigged When is it time to take back control and cut the strings of this marrionnette When is it time to be truly free and end the slavery in a world of choices When is it time …

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Dec 28

Poem: The Miles Leading Nowhere

  The Miles Leading Nowhere I walk the miles until until the feet ache until the knees buckle until the hips groan until the stomach grumbles until the breath is labored until the mouth is dry until the mind is blurred until the thoughts are silent   I walk the miles until until the heart …

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Dec 05

Poem: When Her Hero Fell


When Her Hero Fell How many times had he been to her rescue but even the hero can fall and the hands of hope and comfort be cut off at the wrist How many times had he made her feel special keeping storms and fire at bay but even the hero can fall and forget …

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