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Nov 16

Poem: One Dream

Storm Front 14

A horrible dream turned into reality, this dark poem was born from a nightmare that I actually had a few weeks ago. One Dream Floating on the ocean mattresses on waves sea spray our company and clouds are our guide Old mother grins a smile that soon sours wind gusts begin to jeer wave tips …

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Nov 03

Poem: Final Flash

  Final Flash Your words stinging like a hot flash Repeated arguments and acting rash Why should cash cause another crash? As tempers rise objects become trash Deja Vu once again this battle a rehash This time different a much deeper slash Emotions now cindered nothing but ash As you head for the door this …

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Nov 02

Poem: Deep Contemplation


  Deep Contemplation Me and the dark quietly sitting a stirring event where future pondered and direction chosen when I awake finally with a new course set life will be altered for better or worse path has been chosen and will imposed deep contemplation -Poem by Justin Germino

Oct 05

Poem: New Ghost


New Ghost Why is there a black hole where my heart used to be is there an empty soul in there something crying out to me? Why is there no pain or joy where I should feel I do not do I still have humanity left or am I simply filled with rot? Why is …

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Sep 28

Poem: Mountain of Silence

Mountain of Silence Death cresting lives lost we did nothing we shall find honor in this den of thieves stand for something right something pure and untainted do not listen to the charlatans our heart is the truth we seek alone time to ignore the suffering no longer no more lives will be lost while …

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