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Aug 26

What To Do With this Charr Cub a Guild Wars 2 Inspired Story


Helix Company 6 sent them to investigate a way to finally end the suffering of these poor Ascalonian ghosts.  Their torment endless even when destroyed the suffering spirits would respawn in a few hours only to relive the pain and try to bury their anguish by attacking the living nearby. Sirvyana and Dedven were a …

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Jul 09

Excerpt from The book “Dragon Lore” – a guest story submission by L.W. Greenwood

Today we feature a guest story submitted to us by L.W. here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry. Excerpt from The book “Dragon Lore” a guest story excerpt by L.W. Greenwood “How long were you in your egg, Jade?” Jacob asked. I don’t know that now. They had crossed a sandbar and Jacob turned to head back, …

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Nov 03

Poem: Mushroom Men


Simply silly poem composed about fungus people or mushroom men that was inspired by the Myconid race in Dungeons and Dragons.   Mushroom Men Where were the mushroom men fungal beings in this earth den cavorting in caves; denizens of the deep farming in peace; never needing to sleep left alone and unseen for years …

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Jul 27

Kendrick’s Story – A Justin Germino Short Story

Think you have what it takes? That was the only thing Kendrick had to say to enrage the grossly muscled, oily skinned warrior to tear his axe from a holster on his back and swing it in a furious rage. Kendrick was prepared for the attack, he had baited many people before with the same …

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Apr 22

Coming Soon – Story Called Slaying The Truth

Wanderer Thoughts was to be my poetry and literature blog but I have been so focused on poetry and have been meaning to write some fiction and fantasy stories for a while and just didn’t have the time. I have been writing fantasy stories and D&D Modules for Dungeons and Dragons for fifteen years and …

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