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May 14

Twitter Poem: Late for Church

Today’s Twitter poem is a Haiku due to the low word submission rate so I decided to do a fun Haiku using the 4 words that were played (in bold) from the following Twitter followers: @sopranospinner (Choir), @KnightDiver (snarky), @newfiechick (fragment), @JandyMcKlane (scent) Late for Church Fragment of a choir Devout scent of frankincense Snarky …

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Nov 13

Haiku: Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets Just one new chapter My hidden book of secrets Vast volume of lies

Aug 17

Haiku: Brand New


A rhyming haiku centered around the topic of love, this haiku titled Brand New captures enduring true love that reinvents itself constantly. Brand New For one thing runs true Lifetime should be spent with you a true love brand new -Haiku by Justin Germino

Mar 17

Haiku: Dragon Phoenix

Poetik Kung Fu ...

Funny little haiku put together that reminds me of B kung fu movies. Dragon Phoenix When the monkeys fly a dragon phoenix conflict swords will become wings -haiku by Justin Germino

Feb 10

Haiku: Continuum

Eta Carinae: New View of Doomed Star (A star between 100 and 150 more massive than the Sun, about 7,500 light years from Earth.)

Exploring space and pursing a path through time by travelling too close to a star can be dangerous. Continuum Slip far between space Escape the constant starlight Time becomes a crawl -Haiku by Justin Germino

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