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Dec 14

Famous Christmas Poem: What I Should Like

Snowflake 1

Did an audio recording of What I Should Like which was written by Jennie D. Moore and was inspired when my son had this poem as his 1st grade poetry reading assignment.  It was appropriate for the time of year. Here is the written poem, enjoy. What I Should Like On Christmas eve I’d like …

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Nov 17

Buzz Short Animal Poem

Was thinking of a short animal poem this morning and came up with one of them that is more of an insect poem about a pet fly that a kid finds in his room and decides to name. Buzz Seeing a dark thing flying over me creepy, black and tiny to see bouncing into a …

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Nov 26

Silly Poem: My Fart Broke a Cart

Okay so collaborating a poem with 2 boys ages 8 and 4 will yield some humorous results

Nov 08

Kid Audio Poem: Hating Bugs

Hating Bugs was a poem I collaborated with my youngest boy who is 5 years old today

Oct 17

Bugs Come Out – Poem by Son of Dragon Blogger

Simple poem about bugs coming out after the rains from the mind of a six year old.

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