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Dec 14

Famous Christmas Poem: What I Should Like

Snowflake 1

Did an audio recording of What I Should Like which was written by Jennie D. Moore and was inspired when my son had this poem as his 1st grade poetry reading assignment. ┬áIt was appropriate for the time of year. Here is the written poem, enjoy. What I Should Like On Christmas eve I’d like …

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Nov 17

Buzz Short Animal Poem

Was thinking of a short animal poem this morning and came up with one of them that is more of an insect poem about a pet fly that a kid finds in his room and decides to name. Buzz Seeing a dark thing flying over me creepy, black and tiny to see bouncing into a …

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Nov 26

Silly Poem: My Fart Broke a Cart

Okay so collaborating a poem with 2 boys ages 8 and 4 will yield some humorous results

Nov 08

Kid Audio Poem: Hating Bugs

Hating Bugs was a poem I collaborated with my youngest boy who is 5 years old today

Oct 17

Bugs Come Out – Poem by Son of Dragon Blogger

Simple poem about bugs coming out after the rains from the mind of a six year old.

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