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Dec 28

Poem: This Task


This Task This task surely no thrill void of fondness and callow acceptance lacking earnest though patience is a virtue This task a vexing burden toiling blurring days and nights through literal blood and sweat the callous gaining callouses This task somehow changing a learned behavior now grown heavy heart gains understanding this growing world …

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Nov 15

Childrens Book: The Angry Ogre

A first grade story meant for children to read about an angry ogre and a child who goes to investigate and helps him feel better.

Nov 07

Childrens Story: The Boy Wizard

I wrote another story for my 1st grader to encourage him to read, he looks forward to me creating a new little mini-book for him to read each week.

Oct 31

Childrens Story: The Pixie

My son is in first grade and starting to read little pamphlet type books for class, I thought I would start creating my own books for him to read