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Jan 27

Poem: Moments in Tune

Moments in Tune Like the petal on a plucked flower one, two, three she loves me she loves me not Music elating moods songs of love and melodies of vast glee Moments in tune with forces of love found in ever hour of every day So capture that moment when you see a smile handshake, …

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Jan 26

Poem: Chaos Intrusion

Chaos Intrusion When chaos intrudes doors know no limits hinges do not break handles do not bend When chaos intrudes the house remains firm unwanted are repelled those inside stay safe When chaos intrudes it gets no safe haven moves on to next victim there is only order here -Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 24

Poem: He Followed Her

  He Followed Her He followed her not sure why or where but something pulled something about her did he remember her from somewhere else or from some past a face so familiar yet he didn’t know her at least not here in this mortal life yet something surreal a soul familiar or angel in …

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Nov 20

Poem: Pushing the Fast

Pushing the Fast When it comes to the fast we starve and deny embracing the pain the emptiness hoping to purify The fast an enigma soul cannot be purged experience and knowledge even if unwanted stays memories remain Gorging on failure one gets full of defeat and condemning disappointments only lead to more fasting until …

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Sep 17

Poem: Grass

Grass   We sway with the wind like the tall grasses waving hello to a new beginning; something new or goodbye to an unwanted past   The wind becomes a gale of change and sometimes blades get blown away but strong roots hold firm and new blades grow a greener, healthier grass replaced the old …

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