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Aug 18

Poem: In Love We Find Peace

A simple quick poem I thought about and truthfully we all need connection, love, friendship and with it one has a better chance of finding peace both spiritually as well as mentally.

Mar 22

Poem: In the Bubbles


Few things are more relaxing and soothing than sitting in a hot spa at night soaking in the warm water and letting the massaging jets and bubbles melt away your stress and loosen your tight muscles.  This poem captures that evening alone soaking in a hot tub. In The Bubbles They come out and play …

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Jan 05

Poem: The Grandest Cosmos

The Grandest Cosmos There are more things at stake here among the stars races that race nowhere with little problems seeming so large Plankton in an ocean beyond what you conceive ants in the cosmos yet we believe what we believe This grandest cosmos with a greater plan we may lack understanding yet we believe …

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Dec 10

Poem: Holiday Mutts


It is that time of year where you celebrate with friends and family, but don’t forget about the other children in your life which are your pets.  You may want to pick up some christmas breakfast gift baskets last minute so that someone has something to open on Christmas morning. Holiday Mutts Watching with some …

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Jul 27

Poem: I Bear a Seed


I Bear a Seed Bringer of the life a seed brought forth this Earth this new thing shall grow and change the way we think who and what we are is at a new beginning this planted seed sprouts roots of truth and roots of doubt yet when the leaves spawn forth and stems grow …

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