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Dec 23

Poem – Crossing the Bridge


Crossing the Bridge With things misunderstood our times are tested and grades slipping but the class is not failed yet As we seek to understand new changes in normal fitness in the unfit minding the mindful strength lies ahead Hand in hand we cross this bridge of life where planks weaken some even breaking but …

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Sep 26

Poem: True Purpose


  True Purpose Do you ever have that itch something urging you forward a purpose you just can’t define something grander than this day repeating over and over again Do you ever feel destined for something beyond tomorrow this is your soul reaching out it’s attempt to grab your attention to prod you onto a …

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Sep 18

Poem: It Depends


  It Depends How many times have these words been spoken it depends nothing committed nothing broken conditions break it depends always something delaying connection cancelling a memory it depends fails to size the moment fails to capture success fails to mean something it depends is no longer an option yes is absolute yes is …

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Sep 16

Poem: Who Are The Brave?


Who Are The Brave? Who are the brave? the ones who rush into fire and the ones who burn the ones on the front lines and the ones who fall the ones who stand up and the ones who get knocked down the ones who aren’t afraid and the ones who overcome fear the ones …

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Aug 18

Poem: In Love We Find Peace

A simple quick poem I thought about and truthfully we all need connection, love, friendship and with it one has a better chance of finding peace both spiritually as well as mentally.

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