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Jan 27

Poem: Moments in Tune

Moments in Tune Like the petal on a plucked flower one, two, three she loves me she loves me not Music elating moods songs of love and melodies of vast glee Moments in tune with forces of love found in ever hour of every day So capture that moment when you see a smile handshake, …

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Jan 24

Poem: He Followed Her

  He Followed Her He followed her not sure why or where but something pulled something about her did he remember her from somewhere else or from some past a face so familiar yet he didn’t know her at least not here in this mortal life yet something surreal a soul familiar or angel in …

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Nov 22

Poem: Any Land With You

Any Land with You Doesn’t matter if scorching deserts or windy plains with torrential storms mountains filled with darkest caves any land is home with you Savage seas and shaky knees swampy mires and shallow trees sandy beaches with island breeze any land is home with you Distant landscapes with purple rain and endless fog …

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Oct 30

Poem: Because of Her


Because of Her It is why I try to provide more strive more live more take pride more forgive more love more feel more think more dream more be more It is why I try to hurt less hate less stray less weigh less judge less control less fake less envy less risk less resent …

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Jul 04

Poem: Our Connection


Our Connection That precious moment when you feel connected truly connected like this person is so much more than another being casual encounter becomes something more attraction fundamentally spiritual there is still beauty in the world love really is the solution and this person; this connection proves this all to be true -Poem by Justin …

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