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Feb 03

Poem: Nice Mice


A quick little poem, written for fun, poor mice. Nice Mice Nice mice number in thrice An owl and a sign Nice mice tunnel as two The sleeping snake strikes Nice mouse finds house Alone to scurry another day Poem by Justin Germino

Aug 10

Golem Poem


GOLEM Of mud, clay and rock product of nature’s clock risen from the ground just earthen bound and running around Stumbling past friend or foe wondering where to go they pull fork and torch attempt to burn and scorch but flee to their porch This mud man contains no bone innards made from hard stone …

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Jul 21

Poem: My Stones Roll Here


My Stones Roll Here My king I lay under your mighty throne your grinding might my honor I am but a standing stone My liege I hold this ground until the end the rains stir our foundation but I will not break or bend My mountain I protect we were followers of plenty yet storm …

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Jul 14

Poem: Fair and Right


Fair and Right When the fair is just not right and the right are just not fair the wrong linger for justice the wrong long for redemption when the right has become wrong and the wrong is now right evolution of revolution and an excited morality one questions fair at all and wrong or right …

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Jun 02

Poem Wandering Spirits

Heaven's Gate

Wandering Spirits Wandering spirits would the see me and think ill Wandering spirits would the envy my deeds today Wandering spirits are my dreams that unfulfilling Wandering spirits are my thoughts that of my own Wandering spirits do you see clarity when I am at rest -Poem by Justin Germino

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