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Nov 05

Short Story: Oblivious Jog

Jogging is dangerous for a lone woman cut off from the world by listening to her iPod unaware of her surroundings.

Oct 15

Short Story: Options For Survival

Short story about a driver being kidnapped and tortured for information while considering what options he has for escape.

Feb 14

Her Laughter – Short Story by Dragon Blogger

Her Laughter is a story about a couples love and how the man falls asleep engaged in conversation. It is a story that begins and ends with the same sentence.

Nov 15

Childrens Book: The Angry Ogre

A first grade story meant for children to read about an angry ogre and a child who goes to investigate and helps him feel better.

Nov 07

Childrens Story: The Boy Wizard

I wrote another story for my 1st grader to encourage him to read, he looks forward to me creating a new little mini-book for him to read each week.

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