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May 12

More Adventure: Random Twitter Poem for May 19th


Who in life couldn’t use more adventure and a reminder to live for they day and not take life and time for granted, today’s poem is a tribute to those who take time to adventure and LIVE life if only for a month.  This poem was inspired by the 10 random words (in bold) provided …

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Jan 28

Vivacious Game: Random Twitter Poem for Jan 28th


Today’s poem is crafted from only 4 words submitted on Twitter (in bold) I feel that it has been so long since I called out for poetry game submissions that many people don’t remember or aren’t seeing my calls anymore which is a shame, as I really enjoyed doing 10-20 word sized poems. Thanks to …

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Nov 25

Random Twitter Poem: Another Year Thankful


This Random Twitter Poem on the week of Thanksgiving of course had some words in it that fit the theme well with some others that I thought played in nicely.  I also had a few new words submitted that were quite unique.  Thanks to the following Twitter friends for their 11 random word (in bold) …

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Nov 19

Phillumenist Dreams a Random Twitter Poem

Today’s Twitter poem is one of fire and burning and was inspired by the odd word Phillumenist which was played today.  I started thinking of matches/matchbooks after learning what the word meant and my mind hovered around fires and arson and someone sleeping and having a nightmare and this poem was the result.  This poem …

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