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Sep 14

Poem: Calm City


Calm City In a calm city; people sleep no cause to worry; no cause to weep crime a history lesson; long past divided races and religion; now cast in this calm city; humans are whole all brothers and sisters; with the same soul -Poem by Justin Germino

Aug 08

Poem: The Fires Keep Pushing


Today’s news is a poem that was styled after my Random Twitter Poetry game, I just went to and took a snapshot of the screen, then crafted a poem while randomly grabbing words from the various headlines on the snapshot.  See if you can place all the words from the image. The Fires Keep …

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Jul 21

Poem: Cleansing Waves

Cleansing Waves   The waves wash; over me I can feel the past deeds and I am cleansed With each surge; my birth paper chains hold no longer and I am cleansed Life fleeting; too short these moments only matter while I am cleansed -Poem by Justin Germinn

Jul 19

Poem: Palestine Hero

Palestine Hero is a poem about a boy who grows up with hatred and seeking revenge for his sister and mothers death.

Jul 03

SHADOWS – a Guest Poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar


Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by Cheryl here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry. SHADOWS a guest poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar Drag me down to the depths of your soul; Let me breathe and set myself free. The pain of despair I have known; Comes beating in like a heart laid bare …

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