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Jun 11

Poem – Isolation of Intrusive Thoughts

Isolation of Intrusive Thoughts Frustration birthing insomnia anxiety avoidance driving fatigue nightmares of anger and fear intrusive thoughts of self harm isolation and depression soothes when disassociation is freeing and poor concentration is strength hypervigilance the startling response what else looms on the horizon? -Poem by Justin Germino

Nov 14

UNTIL THEN – a Guest Poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar


Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by Cheryl here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry. UNTIL THEN a guest poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar Dancing, tiptoeing here I am Brought in from the mists of a faraway land Listening to the echo of winter winds Here I bask in the warmth of Summer’s sun …

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Nov 12

Poem: Arrow through Heart

It struck me like an arrow through heart a realization that life would never be the same that the mundane was no more acceptable something greater just stepped into my life beauty with no equal in mind and body love at first sight was not a farce because I knew when I saw you my …

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Nov 11

Poem: Where Was My Country?

“the ironies are obvious. To survive as a soldier in an overseas conflict, only to be killed in your neighborhood upon your return.” Where Was My Country? A country served in duty wars not fought in a day friends and brothers lost yet I came home that day a home that forgot heroes and why …

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