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Feb 26

Music to the Mind – a Guest Poem by victor yck

Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by victor here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry. Music to the Mind a guest poem by victor yck music is to the mind what earth is to flowers what you might find in April showers each bud springing from the earth is a new song each dewdrop …

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Feb 07

Poem: Finding the Puppy

I know from experience and buying dogs from breeders that some breeds are just a perfect fit for some families, all it takes is to look at a site like and read about the breed that most fits your lifestyle and what personality you want most in a family companion and you are sure to …

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Feb 04

Raindrops Repeat – a Guest Poem by Cheryl Nilar


Today we feature a guest poem submitted to us by Cheryl here on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry. Raindrops Repeat a guest poem by Cheryl Nilar Rain so pure and silvery light,  falling gently,  seems like night, I cast my eyes toward the sky, grey and bleak repeats, repeats. Birds flutter, squawking wildly, flapping wings, re-sounding thunder! …

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Dec 21

Poem: Behold, as Goblins Dark of Mien

A great holiday poem written by Robert Louis Stevenson, I decided to read this one aloud and try to capture the majesty and awe in the poem.   Behold, as Goblins Dark of Mien Behold, as goblins dark of mien And portly tyrants dyed with crime Change, in the transformation scene, At Christmas, in the …

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Dec 04

Poem: Darkness on the Fringe

her darkness

Darkness on the Fringe   My life glowing this orb of hope darkness on the fringe yet kept at bay When the pounding comes and it always does we falter and stumble darkness on the fringe Most of us recover dusting off and bouncing like a ball smacked darkness on the fringe The ones that …

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