Apr 22

Coming Soon – Story Called Slaying The Truth

Wanderer Thoughts was to be my poetry and literature blog but I have been so focused on poetry and have been meaning to write some fiction and fantasy stories for a while and just didn’t have the time. I have been writing fantasy stories and D&D Modules for Dungeons and Dragons for fifteen years and actually was in competitive creative writing in High School for a novel I was writing (which was destroyed when a failed save to a floppy disk on my Amiga computer wiped my original).

This new story I write is titled “Slaying The Truth” and follows is set in a Fantasy world similar to a Tolkien setting as most Fantasy series are. The story will follow four primary characters Kaston, Stanos, Amiera, and Tai-Ni who are on a quest together but at first we don’t know why they are journeying together or where they are headed.

Some details about the characters for the story to help set the environment in your head:

Kaston is a human and what you would consider a warrior or paladin (if you want D&D terms) he has strict noble intentions but is haunted by a past that has left him emotionally scarred.

Stanos is a very open and confident rogue like character whose charisma and leadership would place him as a kind of entertainer who is not above petty thievery but loves a good game of chance.

Amiera is a sorceress of unknown power whose body is tattooed with green and blue inscriptions that are not known to be any language. Her story is a mystery and she shuns any metal whatsoever almost as if allergic to it. She wears only the lightest of clothing and using her magical abilities is taxing and leaves her fatigued as if she gets injured to perform her magic.

Tai-Ni is known as a Tigress or “Tananshee” and is a race of humanoids who are bipedal humanoids with tiger like appearance and fur on their skin. She is more physically powerful than a human and savagely ferocious but because she was raised by humans she has a great appreciation for them and tries to make herself pretty to fit in as best a possible with human society. Think of her as like a little girl who wants to be a princess trapped in a rough and dangerous exterior.

Now the first chapter of this story called “Slaying The Truth” will start with the characters around a campfire getting to know one another as the travel to achieve their goals. Each of the initial chapters will talk about the characters past and how they came to be where they are. Eventually who they work for, what they are trying to accomplish will all fall into place.

As always I welcome feedback from my friends, fans and readers.

Stay tuned for Slaying The Truth – Chapter 1 which will be published this weekend.

-Dragon Blogger