Mar 19

Date with a Twist – Random Twitter Poem for Mar 19th

Date with a Twist is a poem about a date turning into a passionate evening and envisions a couple setting a date together. It was inspired by the 10 word submissions (in blue) provided by the following twitter players today:
@rjleaman (evidence), @joshuaarnao (anvil), @jodapoet (tenacious), @ptaylor98 (transformation), @hammyhavoc (Circumnavigation), @DaneBlogger (Tungle), @maria_muir (Intoxication), @AttilaBS (regale), @Creative_Ace (playmate), @PigsInDaGhetto (ballet)

Date with a Twist

Intoxication of a playmate ballet
evidence of a tenacious regale
dates conjoined in Tungle
a romance transformation
now heavy anvil of passion
fingers dancing around bodies
achieving circumnavigation
the glorious evening plays on
a date with a twist

-Poem by Dragon Blogger