Dec 10

Random Twitter Poem For December 10th

The number of words were used today which turned out to be 12 random words highlighted in blue.  If you want to contribute to my daily twitter poem contact me @dragonblogger on twitter.

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Thanks to the following people for the words they contributed:
@craftyGAgal (amused), @coyotesqrl (conjunction), @nipplelicious (respect), @SurfCityJay (thunder), @wizard1974uk (reconfigured), @lejonprime (aglet), @tixrus (strudel), @azredneck (island), @WebBetty (glance), @or1gb1u3 (lighter), @CarlsJr (steak), @Miragi (perpetuity)

Respect For The Storm

Amused and bewildered by one event in my life
Drinking my coffee one fine summer morning
While feasting on some apple strudel
A clap of thunder from out of nowhere

I quickly grabbed the aglet on the umbrella
I reconfigured the contraption into a closed state
Then as if in conjunction with my activity
Lightning struck the pole in my hands with a glance

As if I were lighter than the air itself
I was flung across the island from the force
My senses feeling as charred as a well done steak
Time seemed to stand still in perpetuity

I recovered to scurry for the nearest shelter
From this day forward I would never forget
How close I came to nature ending my fate
I have gained forever respect for the storm

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://www.wizzardsblog.com Richard

    Another great poem :)

    Richards last blog post..Welcome to the new home

  • http://dorkage.net tixrus

    Hey Richard, enjoying your poetry on a snowy day here. I’d give ya more fodder if you’d attribute the words with some linky luv. You’re an IT guy I’m sure u can figure out an eazy call to the twitter API to do it for you and make it nice and automatic. If not, would you like me to have a go at it?

    tixruss last blog post..Blogging is the Root of all Evil

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      I list the people who contribute but since I get 10-15 contributers per day on average I don’t want my posts to have 10-15 outbound links in a single post.