Jun 13

Descending Reckoning: Random Twitter Poem for Jun 13th

A poem depicting an evil fog or mist descending upon a port town in England?  Yup, this is a clichéd poem for sure and partly was inspired by The Secret World Kingsmouth Calling which I have played a few nights during the beta.  This poem included 14 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: @crisc23 (mushy), @wippy_ (camouflage), @el_ross_m (superlative), @deaftongue411 (abhorrent), @originalbadbele (transport), @goodyniosi (chandelier), @tonygreene113 (egregious), @aluwir (Ipswich), @kujen92 (wilderness), @sorewarding (fish), @dawnie22 (Surrender), @insight_2k (Choice), @davelucas (respirator), @kbotdesign (antediluvian)

Dark road in fog focus on crosswalk with  cars in the background

Descending Reckoning

In the ocean wilderness
just outside of Ipswich
egregious superlative forces
transport forth from camouflage
with abhorrent results ensuing

At first the fish surrender
antediluvian mushy creatures
tiny feasts for the ever-growing
black mists expanding toward shore
with a darker choice in mind

Sun itself a fading chandelier
no respirator safety for the masses
this fog something most unholy
dark fable and not reality
this is descending reckoning

-Poem by Justin Germino

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  • Crisc23
    • dragonblogger

      @Crisc23 Thank you, glad you enjoyed the poem.

  • http://113tidbits.com/ tonygreene113

    Thanks for the inclusion

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       @tonygreene113 Thanks for the word

  • kujen92

    @dragonblogger good one!

    • dragonblogger

      @kujen92 Glad you enjoyed today’s poem.

  • InSight_2k

    @dragonblogger @davelucas @kbotdesign @goodyniosi Really good one :)

    • dragonblogger

      @insight_2k Thank you, a little bit of a horror story prose for a poem, not terribly original but fun nonetheless.

      • InSight_2k

        @dragonblogger :)

  • LauLau81

    Wonderful poem. I like it, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am looking forward for more influential post.