Nov 17

Dragon Blogger Random Haikus

I had used some of these Haiku’s for a contest and many never ended up as admissions so instead of letting them go to waste decided to make a blog post with all my random Haiku’s from last week.

Random Haikus

Love is Lost This Day
You Split My Heart To Pieces
Choking On Your Tears

My Lady Drives Me
All Day And Night To Passion
Crash Amongst These Pillows

Being Afraid Sucks
Life Passes You By All Day
Trapped In Your Own Mind

Feel Like A Burger
Stomach is Growling At Me
Must Go To Lunch Now

Tweet This And Tweet That
Tweety Bird Is Afraid Of Cat
Poor Poor Puddy Cat

Save These Ten Digits
On Them Your Life Will Depend
One Call Will Save You

My Wife Would Love Gift
MacBook Is The Perfect One
I Win I Have Fun

A Flight Away Is
All I Will Be This Week Son
I Will Be Home Soon

Severing Pinkies
Severing Thumbs And Toes
Fingers In A Jar

Only More Is Less
Only Less Is More Sometimes
You Figure It Out

Fate Has Its Moments
Lovers Trapped In An Embrace
Passion Is Not Lost

Truth Between The Sheets
This Girl Completes Me Tonight
She Shall Be My Wife

Poetic Justice
The Irony Is Foretold
Go Seek Forgiveness

Original Haiku’s by Dragon Blogger

  • http://nd2cre8.com/onceuponatime Kat Sanders

    These are so cool!!!! I really like the hamburger one!

    Kat Sanderss last blog post..Smoke