Feb 11

Emotionless- Random Twitter Poem for Feb 11th

Emotionless is a sad poem about one party caring and have affection for another yet it isn’t returned. It was inspired by the 13 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter players today:
@Jemfyr (tawdry), @anahbird (blizzard), @GeB0i (love), @filigreegirl (exasperation), @AttilaBS (indelible), @blm03 (Earthquake), @stevejclark (incommodious), @anefallarme (irritation), @wblue74 (perculator), @Williamm49 (nostaligia), @KristieGlascock (supplemental), @HarleyQuinnAA (contortionist), @hammyhavoc (spatiotemporal)

Today’s poem is also an audio podcast read aloud by myself:


Indelible earthquake of tawdry love
spatiotemporal twisting contortionist bodies
incommodious affection a mere irritation
exasperation at the blizzard response
peculator of a once trusting heart
now nothing but icy supplemental lust
weary nostalgia where feeling existed
just a cold embrace, emotionless

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://www.williamm49.blogspot.com william

    wow friend, very good poem seems nothing can beat u lol, nice touch with reading it, very nice indeed and thankyou :)
    .-= william´s last blog ..BLOGTASTSIC ACROSTICS "PART TWO" =-.

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    Really Good One.. :)