Jul 30

Empty Handed – Random Twitter Poem for July 30th

Today’s random twitter poem was inspired by “The Deadliest Catch” discovery channel show, which I saw a previous episode on DVR last night. It contained 16 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers:

@coffeetablepoet (glamorous), @HollyJahangiri (inculcate), @cheth (enduring), @rmilana (solace), @writingnag (tradition), @MichaelVrijhoef (ostentatiously), @Aluwir (piscatorial), @moonmortal (struggling), @franscud (luminescent), @Zorlone (sunburn), @shemah (validation), @filigreegirl (lanyard), @geraldineeliot (thigh), @dreamon51 (excrescence), @RemBeatZ (fruit), @planetjefferson (heinous)

Empty Handed

The enduring ostentatiously piscatorial man
struggling under the most heinous weather
no glamorous validation for today’s catch
yielding excrescence seaweed but no fruit
tired painful tradition through generations
toiling with lanyard and traps for the catch
only solace found in a painful sunburn
which runs from forehead to thigh
luminescent squid jettison in the water
as if to mock the forlorn attempt at harvest
the day will end in hard drink and soft beds
only to inculcate itself again tomorrow

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://zorlone.blogspot.com Zorlone

    Now I wonder I smelled the sea and felt remorse for not being able to catch anything.

    Cool poem!

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..Random Haiku =-.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thanks, this one was a very fun one to write, to think I crafted it in 15 minutes amazes me.

  • http://erinmilana.wordpress.com rmilana

    wow! cool! ,like i can feel the hardwork that a man have to face day after day.

    btw,you might also want to check out http://www.readwritepoem.org cause they have this kind of prompt and others that you might find interesting.
    thank you for sharing,
    .-= rmilana´s last blog ..colors of the light =-.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thanks for mentioning that site, I will check them out.

  • http://jahangiri.us/news Holly Jahangiri

    Made me think of The Old Man and the Sea.

    The futility of it all… so sad. I suppose “ostentatiously” is meant to make us feel a bit less sorry for the man? ;)
    .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..My HOT Date! (27th Anniversary Today) =-.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Fisherman are gruff and tough, no real sympathy needed :)