Feb 09

Faceless Names – Random Twitter Poem for Feb 9th

Faceless Names was written about international terrorism and specifically the dark societies and people within them. It is told from the point of view of someone contemplating the “killing them, before they kill us” mentality. This poem included 12 submissions today (in blue) from the following Twitter players:
@Mikkel_Juhl (medieval clerk), @Leann0325 (iPhone), @Boars_Head (heart), @ptaylor98 (hesitant), @CappyT1982 (murder), @jennyr777 (sick), @redrose321 (intrusion), @joye25 (affinity), @pixldinc (internationals), @marineltwit (conundrum), @davelucas (academia), @adibudeen (butter)

I decided to read this poem aloud too for those who want to listen:


Faceless Names

Contemplating murder of sick internationals
academia of lies and deception pervasive
with propaganda spread by flyer and iPhone
hesitant intrusion to ones heart and mind
conundrum society of nefarious affinity
as much welcome or need as a medieval clerk
harsh faceless names putting faces on victims
and wars without targets bear little fruition
wanted men as slippery as butter run free
who will bring truth and justice for them?

-Poem by Justin Germino

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  • http://www.tracyingram.com Tracy Ingram

    I have always enjoyed your poems, but I have to say this particular one hit a note.

  • http://www.sohoos.com Kevin Haas

    I really think when will terrorism and slavery stop for it has been destructing the whole world’s peace , I still remember the faces of women’s n kids of Afghanistan had so much fear and terror in their eyes… those unforgetful eyes . Kashmir kids now don’t get scared of bomb blast n firing sounds … they are habituated with it….. GOD BLESS ALL…

  • http://www.jtstopshop.com Sean

    It is a lovely poem. Everything has been told in brief and issues like terrorism have been handled very well. We should wake up and fight against terrorism for sure. Places like Kashmir in India should be given their share of a peaceful life instead of days in fear. The word “War” itself frightens me and those who are its victims should be saved and helped. Remove Terrorism.

  • http://www.migrationlaw.com Kimme Lanson

    It’s indeed a very touchy poem. I really feel pity for those who have lost their lives due to terrorism. We should protest against terrorism as it is spreading all over like dangerous virus and yes it is not allowing us to live safe and a happy life as we live with the fear of losing our life at any moment. If ever I meet these terrorist I would kill them for leading us to live such a stressful life.

  • http://www.foodintoleranceallergies.com Brian Kalish

    This poem is lovely how precisely have the writer covered all the aspects. When I read about terrorism it really hurts. How can man kill man? And that too so brutally! Everybody should have loving parents and this makes them more sensitive and loving. May god bless them and show them the right way.

  • http://www.conceptplus.ca Luke Audrey

    It’s indeed a very inspiring and a lovely poem. I think it’s the government’s responsibility to give its citizens complete security. These terrorists should be killed on the spot for they have not spared even our kids and our loved ones. They have made our lives miserable.