Jul 14

False Alarm – Random Twitter Poem for July 14th

False Alarm is a poem about fear gripping a population expecting some sort of attack. It was partially inspired by thinking of the Cuban Missile crisis but also by thinking about worries of future terrorist attacks. The poem included 16 submissions (in blue) from the following twitter players:
@Aurydragon (Gold), @vestacaro (celebration), @kcarruthers (persnickety), @SocMatt (Grandiosity), @ptaylor98 (disruptive), @PurpleBEffect (burning), @filigreegirl (phantasm), @Jhotvedt2 (pernicious), @Mikkel_Juhl (compunction about deceiving), @marsdorian (siren), @richwallace (relentless), @BlazingMinds (Threatens), @Murlu (Transmute), @IntermezzoArts (Success), @Placepot (Homeomorphism), @JohnWeeden (Gummy Bears)

False Alarm

Listen to the relentless siren
what disruptive phantasm threatens us
warning seeking to transmute calm to fear

Was this a persnickety false alarm?
with no compunction about deceiving
or some unforseen pernicious reality

Moments spent in gold silence
ending in nervous celebration
success or failure of an archaic system

With homeomorphism striking society itself
emotional states of grandiosity
softening like burning gummy bears

Times changing yet the people do not
we spend our days wondering one thing
When will the next attack occur?

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

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  • http://www.murlu.com Murlu

    “burning gummy bears” haha, that’s classic.

    Great work, was great to participate :)

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thank you, sometimes things just fit.

  • http://thoreyo.wordpress.com ThoreyO

    hey there, here’s an url of my own version of the twitter-poem concept :)



    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Creative, left a comment.

  • http://www.bankrollmob.com Felicia @ No deposit poker

    This is a very nice poem. It is definitely true that times are changing, yet the people do not.