Feb 04

False Caster: Random Twitter Poem for Feb 4th

Today’s poem False Caster is about the townspeople going up in arms over a witch which was nothing more than a prank.  This poem included 5 submissions (in bold) by the following Twitter players:
@wp_big (unauthorized), @goodyniosi (cauldron), @shirefoxx (rhinestone), @artisanupdates (pliant), @ricepoint1 (Ceildh)

is Gallic for party

Actress Idina Menzel of

False Caster

Unauthorized witchcraft
this pliant dark trade
rhinestone riddled cauldron
more deadly than a blade
morbid magical Ceildh
commoners flee afraid
hundreds rally to temples
praying to gods for aid
but this craft really nothing
prank that merely strayed
no spells or potions brewed
nothing was ever made

-Poem by Justin Germino

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