Aug 27

Good Old Country Fair: Random Twitter Poem for Aug 27th

Today’s Twitter poem is appropriate for fall coming upon us fairly soon and with Labor Day approaching, the poem is about small time fairs and events and always brings a smile to my face.  I wrote it to be a little comical and make for a fun read to a child too.
Today’s poem used 7 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: @geekwithwheels (pumpkin), @marketingjuice (Marketing), @allianceenviro (perspective), @indiotechknow (wheelbarrow), @graciousgarg (corruption), @southrngurl6489 (ranch), @elirosesocial (zipper)

Listen to it here, or read below.


Good Old Country Fair

No marketing pitch required
this grand fall festival inspired

A ranch with pumpkin perspective
mounds of comfort food quite effective

Wheelbarrow piled high with potato
while another bin stuffed with tomato

Bag of corn whose zipper burst
lemonade flowing to quench the thirst

Diet corruption is the only crime
as people revel in an event; sublime

Poem by Justin Germino

What did you think of the Random Twitter Poetry game?  Share your thoughts about the poem, how you interpreted it and share with others!