Dec 01

Hurry Away – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 1st

Hurry Away is a poem about a family gathering with long distant relatives that is dreaded rather than revered. It was inspired by the 15 words (in blue) provided by the 14 twitter players today:
@LizBuchta (Chagrin), @NRClearwater (lachrymose), @Sakariwrites (souffle), @SharonSkinner56 (queasy), @anefallarme (insipid), @ashley_festa (snuggle), @blogging4jobs (Awesometastic), @fawnthomas (Strive), @filigreegirl (Logos), @hejphotography (shutter), @malenko10 (zombies), @ptaylor98 (ecstatic), @selurus (crave & advent), @wchingya (pray)

Hurry Away

lachrymose definition is suggestive of or tending to cause tears; mournful.
Logos is a word meaning the rational principle that governs and develops the universe, it is a type of philosophy.
Awesometastic is according to urban dictionary the combination of awesome and fantastic to make a word with greater emphasis.

Advent of a long distance family arrival
queasy and lachrymose feelings fester and pray
no awesometastic event having previously occured
people too loud and with far too much to say

Arrivals are met with a shutter of happiness
with an insipid snuggle and a chagrin face
you strive to find meaning in this Logos
keep civility stable in this family place

Humans feast with almost unnatural famine
like zombies gorging on human brain souffle
the only ecstatic moment comes at the end
when you cordially drive your relatives away

-Poem by Justin Germino

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