Jan 08

Who Will Intervene? Random Twitter Poem for Jan 8th

Today’s poem is a rather dark one that has multiple meanings and interpretations, this poem Who Will Intervene? was written to include the 18 random words (in bold) submitted by the following Twitter players: @samuel_hayo (Maldivian), @goodyniosi (extrapolate), @kaiodan (twilight), @doyoubeyou (rounded), @jaclynfett (frost), @wannajus (pretty), @spikeyloki (feast), @wippy_ (circle), @shemah (breastfeed), @mikkel_juhl (Uptight), @kristinephoto (heinous), @davelucas (parity), @wp_big (gameplan), @oneunder2001 (remorative), @m3themes (Alarm), @carlozee2010 (griddle), @cappyt1982 (rubber), @jeanilacad (apoptosis)


Maldivian – Reference to Maldive islands in Indian Ocean S of the Laccadive
Remorative – hindering / delaying (remorative didn’t seem to exist, so I akined it to Remorate which means to hinder or delay.)
Apoptosis -  is the process of programmed cell death


Who Will Intervene?

a heinous gameplan
in this remorative twilight

we can only extrapolate
the intentions that follow

pretty babies lined up
in rounded circle parity

all seeking to breastfeed
or feast on rubber pacifiers

as uptight Maldivian shamans
griddle spirits in a cauldron

with hearts of frost; realization
an alarm sounds within mothers

This apoptosis ritual must desist
where are those to intervene?

-Poem written by Justin Germino

Share your feedback, what did you think of this poem written from random words collected on Twitter?

  • Jena Isle

    The last word is mine :D amazing poem. It’s tricky to weave all those words into one poem. You’ve done it beautifully.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com Justin Germino

      Certainly was a diverse and complex set of words to incorporate today, not sure how they were going to end up.

  • Kristine

    Nice read! Very complex words, still sounds very light. Nice job my friend!