Apr 15

Jug Him So Hard – Random Twitter Poem for April 15th

Today’s random twitter poem is inspired by one of my all time favorite movies “The Princess Bride” and is a fictional rendition of the aftermath when Fezzik hits hits the Albino on the head and knocks him out. This fictional poem imagines what must have been going through Inigo Montoya’s mind right after the incident occured. Isn’t it odd how out of all of those words I came up with such a specific poem, I can’t tell you how it works, it just works that way.

Thanks to the following twitter people for the 10 random words (in blue) provided today:

@shemah (unscrupulous), @RichLovatt (Simian), @purplefrogcat (purple), @Zorlone (petrified), @SaschaScarpulla (trampled), @stnmoon (message), @dodd4god (promenade), @SurfCityJay (playoffs), @mattstratton (suede), @evliving (pterodactyl)

Oh, and if you haven’t watched Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride from back in 1987, you are missing one of the best comedy/romance/action movies ever made.

Jug Him So Hard

I just wanted to jug his memory
Now I have to figure out this allegory

You giant simian don’t be malicious
I wasn’t trying to be unscrupulous

I was trying to get my message across
and show the man who was boss

A purple bruise on his head
Thank goodness he isn’t dead

His face frozen as if he had seen a pterodactyl
Knocking him out with one hit, did show great skill

His body fallen, lying petrified
We will now need another guide

Move his body so he isn’t trampled
When he wakes up his brain will be addled

The promenade at the castle will be busy
Over crowded people make you feel dizzy

At the wedding of the princess
But, she is really in distress

The prince wearing a vest of suede
The castle guards we must evade

More guards than people at a playoffs game
If we don’t find the man in black we are to blame

So my friend Fezzik, whom I hold in high regard
Just why did you have to jug him so hard?

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://zorlone.blogspot.com/ zorlone

    I don’t recall seeing this movie before, maybe because it has a different title here in the Philippines, “The Bridges’ Bride,” I read the summary on imdb.com and I want to know more. So, I will go to the nearest movie rental place (but not so soon), then will PM you about the movie.

    I commend you for this job well done. I wasn’t able to see this until I woke up this morning. hehehe.


    zorlones last blog post..Ancient Cities

  • http://nazshemah.com Shemah

    hahahaha! OMG the theme was so perfect! LOL! I really like this one, Justin! I love The Princess Brides and yeah, this poem sure does fit in the mind of Montoya! Well done! :)

    Shemahs last blog post..2nd Payout from Today.com**

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thank you, this one was very fun to write and I love the movie so was a no brainer.