Mar 29

Laughter in the Dark – Random Twitter Poem for Mar 29th

Laughter in the Dark is a poem about a child thief living in the streets with a near manic personality. One who steals for the pleasure instead of the need, it was inspired by the 16 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter players:
@Kristen_Howe (halfway), @kcarruthers (jovial), @gargunzola (paraphilia), @minnie_madz (juvenile), @anahbird (determination), @HarleyQuinnAA (ditsy), @Jan_Geronimo (rebuff), @AnneOnline (gibberish), @hammyhavoc (rhapsodic), @ryjr (velocity), @ptaylor98 (relinquish), @JeffHicks (judicious), @filigreegirl (divinity), @stevejclark (annealing), @DaneBlogger (pipe down), @AttilaBS (scoundrel)

Laughter in the Dark

High velocity juvenile scoundrel
halfway between jovial madness
and a rhapsodic paraphilia

A judicious rebuff of society laws
annealing himself from the cages
with a divinity like determination

Confusing bystanders with ditsy gibberish
ruse to relinquish them of their purse
they pipe down in shock after discovery

Another day scavenging brings fruition
the rogue satiated until next time
as you hear laughter in the dark

-Poem by Dragon Blogger