May 30

Lost Thoughts: Random Twitter Poem for May 30th

Today’s poem is an abstract one that could have several interpretations including insanity, coma, amnesia, or simply someone who has no emotional stability.  What is your interpretation of today’s poem which included 12 words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players?
@wippy_ (ace), @fleurdeb (hyperkinesthetic, dysreflexia), @justswierk (relocation), @insight_2k (ice cream), @coleflash (Cruise), @tex1l (marmalade), @solomonobaje (Symbiotic), @agentcoop007 (Rainbow), @tonygreene113 (skyscraper), @goodyniosi (Labrador), @staceycav (Abominable)

Eye Abstract

Lost Thoughts

With the hyperkinesthetic energy
of a labrador in motion
dysreflexia like response
relocation of reality
abominable thoughts
a scary symbiotic

Skyscraper rainbow of emotions
anger, hate, love, pain, joy
sweet as an ice cream headache
cruise taken many times before
like a fighter pilot ace
with all controls

Aware yet not aware it seems
memories dance like flies
around marmalade thoughts
still unable to hold them
yet they are there
waiting to be

-Poem by Justin Germino

  • http://ultimatefifa.com/ ColeFlash

    A troubled soul so close to making sense of it all. Know how he (or she) feels ;) Nice work! Coley.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com/ Dragon Blogger

       @ColeFlash Thank you, a fair amount of unique words today I didn’t know how they would play out.  I just start writing and don’t always know what I am writing about until I read it after completed.