Oct 25

Love You Even When It Hurts

Love You Even When It Hurts

You are my goddess and my sun
But my frailties are numerous
How can someone be so great
I just want to have you and only you

I understand it takes strength
this is hard to give
for someone who inspires such feeling
it is hard, so very hard for me

I don’t want to own you
I don’t want to stake my claim
I am looking to love you
and hope I can capture your heart as well

I am flawed because I am mortal
Such perfection as yourself might not understand
That I mean no ill will or bad intentions
I am trying to understand

If you can be patient and trust in me
I am trying to be stronger
I can be a one sided worshiper
I am hoping for your love

I can be your love

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://www.lovepoems2.com/ love poem

    its very nice poem.a very sweet wish to become a lover of some one.A hope…a wish….a beautiful love wow its just awesome

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thank you