Dec 27

Lucky Kick – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 27th

Lucky Kick is a poem about a home invasion in progress where a home owner manages to luckily take down the attacker with one lucky kick. The poem starts off picturing someone asking for something and showing gratitude only using that as an opporunity to prey upon the homeowner. This poem included 9 random submissions (in blue) provided by the following Twitter players:
@gargunzola (lepidopterist), @davelucas (bodacious), @Deaulivery (ephemeral), @KevinMartineau (accountability), @AshtonTimmons (gratitude), @rM1L (Treachery), @WeBlogBetter (deprivation), @Looking4Purpose (discombobulated), @hunyock (tuba)

Lucky Kick

Gratitude a treachery in disguise
warning signs were there you realized
blaring like some ephemeral imagined tuba
dangers with no accountability to act on them

Fear now spreading, fluttering wildly
like some lepidopterist nightmare
intentions found in a wicked smile
result of some human deprivation

Discombobulated, stumbling for action
recourse found in slamming the door
realizing the mistake moments too late
booted foot wedged, still keeping it ajar

Overbearing attacker descending rapidly
one lucky bodacious roundhouse kick
reaction instinct alone saving your life
as the stranger now lay unconscious

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

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