May 29

Momentary Lapse: Random Twitter Poem for May 29th

Today’s poem momentary lapse is one dedicated to dieters and those who restrict what food they consume only to give in to a binge every once in a while.  This poem was inspired by the 16 words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players:
@essvari (seduction), @asininepoetry (lullaby), @ibucketbot (Reaction), @insight_2k (Dust, Far), @wippy_ (lunacy), @lstephencleary (gluttony), @twts2ayoungpoet (Cacophony), @carolynsparkles (boast), @goodyniosi (explicit), @iamthecoolnerd (bacon), @jamiainc (peaceful), @bovelett (Procrastination), @solomonobaje (oblique), @ryanhanzel (exclusively), @2good2bbakery (Cupcake)


Momentary Lapse

Seduction of a lunacy reaction
oh to be exclusively explicit
and boast about the gluttony
instead of the oblique peaceful
diet cacophony lullaby from hell
to end the procrastination and partake
knowing the joys of bacon and cupcake
far from regular occurrences; savored
why not indulge again today only
we all end up as dust anyway

-Poem by Justin Germino

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