Dec 01

Never Too Late

Never Too Late

Tired of the same old day
Body wearing now old and gray
You look upon the sun this time
Failing in life is not a crime

Goals were set when you were young
Scholars and lawyers you were among
They each got rich while you broke even
They sold out and you called them heathens

Now in your sixties would you do life different
Instead, barely enough money just to pay the rent
At the end of your days you can say you tried
But your maker would know that you have lied

There is still time left at least a decade
A clever man would find a way to get paid
This is a place where ambition gets rewarded
Just don’t trust anyone else you might get thwarted

Take a look at yourself five years from now
You own a house and a boat and people ask how
You tell them you didn’t give up and had an ideal
Try something new and treat it for real

Success lies for each and every one
Life can be played and it can be won
So fight for your dreams and take a risk
Run don’t walk with a pace that is brisk

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

  • http://www.into-tech.co.uk/information/articles got my thumbs up.

    Works a treat.