Dec 02

New Dawn – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 2nd

New Dawn is a poem that opens up with the ending of night and closes with the bringing of a new dawn. This was my 250th random twitter poem and included 20 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers:
@blusol (contemporary), @shonie1966 (congratulations), @Zorlone (avaricious), @RemBeatZ (bromidrosis), @chuck72061 (celebration), @GeB0i (sly), @organizedwife (threads), @AnneOnline (compelling), @rockalong (merriment), @HarleyQuinnAA (connection), @buddawiggi (exit strategy), @Jan_Geronimo (tendril), @AttilaBS (moonlight), @mikki_fit (hair), @inab2 (tomfoolery), @MetallmanX (vaniloquent), @Piratelover22 (harridan), @Aluwir (coelacanth), @johnweeden (surreal)

New Dawn

Avaricious night full of impending regret
frigid dewdrops left like bromidrosis
a coelacanth bound for daily extinction
surreal tendril threads of moonlight
looking for a sly exit strategy
from the harridan known as the sun

Birds tomfoolery announce contemporary celebration
vaniloquent merriment of compelling chirps and song
hair connection between night and day broken at last
a hearty congratulations to nature for a new dawn

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

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  • http://writingtoexhale.com/ jan geronimo

    Must be highly problematical weaving those words in, but you did it. Well done. :)

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      It certainly is tricky finding a theme and working it all in together, I had to have dictionary.com up while I was writing the poem to look up a few words too.

  • http://zorlone.com Zorlone

    This is an amazing 250th twitter poem. As I read the piece, the words just fall into their proper place and made an awesome thought possible of a “New Dawn.”

    .-= Zorlone´s last blog ..A Strong Rope =-.

  • http://bit.ly/4Ub7o2 william

    not easy to write a poem when u are limited to certian words, however this doesnt seem to have phased the writer, very enjoyable work.. pls pop over to my daily blog, if u have time..