Apr 30

Newest Opera: Random Twitter Poem for Apr 30th

Today’s poem is Newest Opera which tells a tale of a powerful Opera that plays to the audience interaction and emotion and is well received by at least one reader.  This poem included the 7 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players:
@wippy_ (orgasmic), @kshitij_ingle (precipice), @barzane (arising), @ldylarke (parsimonious), @originalbadbele (martini), @aluwir (aspersion), @selurus (concert)

[easyazon-image-link asin="B001N3EXKQ" alt=""Tosca" Opera 8x17 Poster" src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51c7H9hjjeL.jpg" align="center" width="246" height="500"]

Newest Opera

Arising after the concert precipice
as repugnant parsimonious characters
revealing the worst in ourselves
act on orgasmic audience aspersion
fueling interaction and emotions
you sip your martini and ponder
this opera is the best one yet

-Poem by Justin Germino

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