Jun 25

Nightshade – Random Twitter Poem for June 25th

Nightshade is a poem about alchemy or herbalism, it is a tale of a plant that grows by night and is harvested to produce a healing type of effect when imbibed. The poem was inspired by the 17 random entries (in blue) provided:
@Aluwir (parsnip), @stevejclark (haptic), @GerryWiederRN (absinthe), @Quillville (impatient), @danielsnyder1 (celebrate), @PurpleBEffect (creations), @mgotitwet (simplicity), @ptaylor98 (healing), @KathrynVercillo (scruffy), @shemah (abundance), @travellindaze (twilight), @DanielWRasmus (intense), @RyanHanzel (substance), @AttilaBS (blade), @filigreegirl (reciprocity), @mcaption (Restless), @anefallarme (exhaustion)


Celebrate this mystical nightshade
appearance like a scruffy parsnip
intense abundance of reciprocity
breeds a haptic twilight substance
quiet restless impatient creations
simplicity in harvesting by blade
absinthe liquid of absolution
healing all mortal exhaustion

-Poem by Dragon Blogger