Apr 04

Poem: Fallen

Okay, this was my attempt at an iambic trimeter poem based on the One Stop Poetry look at prosody. I am usually a free verse kind of guy, but tried my hand at it.
I am not sure if this form is proper, but did my best to use the form with two feet and three line. If it isn’t proper or has error in form, please let me know.


Four men here have fallen
Soldiers, heroes now rest
Unmarked graves stand nameless
Yet we will not forget

-Poem by Justin Germino

  • http://hollyheir.wordpress.com Gay Cannon

    Well you stated that it was four lines of iambic trimeter; but as I scan it, the first and the third lines are anapestic dimeter that is two feet of anapests while lines two and four are iambic trimeter. I mark it thus with all caps getting the heavy stress:
    Four men HERE|have fallEN|
    SoldIERS|, herOES| now REST|
    Unmarked GRAVES| stand nameLESS|
    Yet WE| will NOT| forGET|

    Actually that is a very good example of what I
    wanted people to do today mixing elegantly the iambic lines with the anapestic ones. All end on the heavily stressed syllable and therefore have masculine endings. All begin with the lightly stressed syllables with a possible case being made that “Yet” is almost as heavily stressed as “we” but it can easily be read with a lighter stress making it an iamb and not a spondee.

    Excellent work and thank you so much for linking.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thanks for the correction in the poem form, it was definitely a challenge and I shall push myself to attempt and write poetry in a variety of forms in the future.

  • http://seosocialmedia.net/ social media for business

    I am not really into poetry that’s why for me, this one is something! I just noticed… Why you’re facebook profile is not visible??

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thanks for letting me know, I think Facebook stopped the old badge code from working. I just put in the new badge code, but it doesn’t show fans profiles like the old one did.

  • http://www.thezenofmotherhood.blogspot.com Mama Zen

    This is lovely!

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