Aug 18

Poem: The Hero by Mitchell Allen

When I read The Hero by Mitchell Allen from Morpho Designs in last weeks Creative Copy Challenge, I enjoyed it and asked him if I could record it and reprint here for my poetry fans with my own audio recording of it.

Listen to the poem here:


The Hero

A poem by Mitchell Allen
Read by Justin Germino

A secret life, a lone crusade
A crushing debt to be repaid.
The change in garb is not for show.
An alter id –  we must not know.

Because the eye, in shadow masked,
Belays the lips before ’tis asked:
How can that man, without a steed
Scorch the grass with blazing speed?

We marvel at – and we adore
A man with strength and charm to pour.
And yet we cringe in disbelief
To see that power in high relief.

We wonder how, we ponder why
A music score lights up the sky,
As fists ascend toward the air
The hero vaults yon building clear!

Above the ground, a sudden stop
We gasp in awe, he does not drop!
Across his breast, he drapes his cloak,
The specter’s gone, a puff of smoke.

The just among us need not fear
A mighty box upon the ear.
Word of warning to the wicked:
He’ll swoop down and punch their ticket!

  • http://www.morphodesigns.com Mitchell Allen

    Justin, this was so cool. Thanks again!



    • http://www.dragonblogger.com Justin Germino

      Glad you enjoyed my recording of it and thanks for letting me.