Aug 07

Poem: New Regime

Yet another poem inspired by the Creative Copy Challenge which is a great game to test people who like creating poems, stories by asking you write a piece of work including the 10 words provided.  The words for this challenge were in bold below and formed a poem about a society finally getting a new government free from oppression.

[easyazon-image-link asin="B000G62WHM" alt="Civil War Blue Soldier On Horses Art Print Poster - 13x19" src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51271ZQ3P8L.jpg" align="center" width="400" height="400"]

New Regime

A happy promise only necessary

an unbelievable thankful crowd

only positive cheers and shouts

glorious sounds of change

for a society now free

from restrictive government

-Poem by Justin Germino

  • http://www.shaneryans.com Shane Ryans

    Nice I think you were able to capture what the picture could be trapping.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Ironically I almost always find picture after I write the poem.

  • http://www.shaneryans.com Shane Ryans

    That is Odd. How do you go about looking for photos?

  • Hizon

    Upon reading your poem, I noticed a group riding on horses. I then remembered this poem from “The Charge of the Light Brigade”.
    Here goes:
    “Forward, the Light Brigade!”
    Was there a man dismayed?
    Not though the soldier knew
    Some one had blundered:
    Their’s not to make reply,
    Their’s not to reason why,
    Their’s but to do and die:
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred.
    I love this poem.
    A tragic part of history.

  • Debby

    The best way to write a poem is to get inspired with pictures in which you will be able to write excellent poems.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Pictures do help, but most of the time I find a picture after I write the poem and not before.

  • http://www.momentumblades.com/ Brianna

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  • http://www.bestmcm.com/ Modern Designer

    I think to write a poem we should feel our surrounding. it teaches us everything