Feb 12

Proceedings Linger: Random Twitter Poem for Feb 12th

Today’s poem proceedings linger is a poem about a lawyer drawn out in a long proceeding, tired, looking forward to the break of the weekend.  This poem was inspired by the 9 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players:

@solacewinter (Radical), @goodyniosi (tenuous), @atouchofcarnage (shibbidy), @sd4david (syzygy), @_pikku (isolated), @hanim10 (love), @fleurdeb (shabbat), @simplysarali (deception), @ricepoint1 (Litigation)

another word for Sabbath
Shibbidy means “Damn skippy” according to Urban Dictionary.
Syzygy any two related things, either alike or opposite.


Proceedings Linger

Shibbidy suit with a sharp tongue
this tiring tenuous litigation
and radical isolated argument
syzygy of truth and deception
leaving you fatigued; longing
for the love found when you leave
and what awaits the coming Shabbat

-Poem by Justin Germino

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