Dec 28

Should Know Better – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 28th

When writing the poem Should Know Better I envisioned a parent having an argument with their child about some mistake or action that was met with retaliation. I tried to encapture the frustration of both parent and child as one had experience and reason while the other had sheer stubborness and resistance to authority. In the end an understanding was reach but not before hot words were spoken. This poem included 11 random submission (in blue) provided by the following Twitter players today:
@davelucas (immunity), @briannack (binding), @BasicBlogTips (alas), @Anklebuster (ventilate), @hunyock (hound), @RobinLynnBrooks (permeated), @Mikkel_Juhl (fluorescent adolescent), @soliloblog (monologue), @hejphotography (kiwi), @ptaylor98 (persistance), @ZolexPC (stressful)

I hadn’t done an audio poem for a while, so decided to record this one.

Should Know Better

Persistence of an insistant child
falling into a demanding monologue
like some bright fluorescent adolescent

Stressful conversation dragging on
a hound searching for every loophole
with binding immunity to logic or reason

Words like ammunition aimed with intention
experience lost on some kiwi sized brain
judgement hazy on both sides of the equation

Alas, the fighting ends in irritation
angry emotions ventilate in sharp breaths
decisions having permeated stubborness

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

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  • http://BasicBlogTips.com Ileane

    I enjoyed the added audio this time too. Thanks Justin.

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Thank you Ileane

  • http://www.morphodesigns.com Mitchell Allen

    Wow, a recitation really brings your poetry to life! Do you have a tag or category for other spoken poems? You have a rich, sonorous timbre that coats the microphone with melted dark chocolate.

    Did you ever to voice work? Do you sing? I wouldn’t be surprised – you have many talents!

    Oh, and the poem was pretty good, too! LOL
    Although we weren’t having an argument, I did just have a loop-hole hunting hound of a logic conversation with my son recently. We were discussing probability as it pertained to the game Million Dollar Drop. I’ll leave it to your imagination how stubborn we both were. No angry ventilation, though :)



    • http://www.dragonblogger.com dragonblogger

      Million Dollar Drop I watched all last week and it was interesting. Look on my right sidebar, there is an “Audio” category which includes all my poems I read aloud. So far I published 42 audio poems on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry blog, many were Twitter poems read aloud. Thanks for the voice thing, I am using a pretty high quality microphone, I have a deeper voice normally but my New York accent is pretty thick and I haven’t done any voice work at all. I do lots of video demonstrations and speaking on my YouTube Channel though (youtube.com/dragonblogger)

  • http://www.morphodesigns.com Mitchell Allen

    Thanks, Justin. As a hearing-impaired person, I am thrilled to pieces when I find audio content online that is clear and easy to understand.

    Sort of like the phone: some folks have great phone voices.

    If your YouTube channel sounds as good as the poem, I’m in!