Dec 19

Random Twitter Poem For December 19th

With the words I was provided today my mind went immediately to thinking about a Pizza party.  Today’s poem was based off of 9 random words (highlighted in blue) and provided to me by followers on twitter who play my random poem game every weekday.

Thanks to the following people and their words:
@wizard1974uk (marathon), @SurfCityJay (ethics), @lejonprime (kazoo),@azredneck (pizza), @peteej (spatula), @jlp4u3 (prozac), @izealove (kerfuffle), @kcarruthers (verdant), @summerbreeze80 (saliva)

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The Pizza Shop

Kids are excited by the Pizza Man
Uniform on and a hat on his head
Shoes on his feet, a spatula in his hand
Dough prepared but not to make bread

A kerfuffle unsettles the cheese
Due to Pepperoni stacked on top
Kids imploring “More toppings please”
The oven door closes with a plop

The party a cure for a mood that is blue
More potent than any prozac
One child runs amuck, another plays a kazoo
One applause standing next to Jack

The golden brown pie emerges from the oven
Saliva runs freely as we watch this display
Our tummies are ready for some lovin’
Kids enjoying this most wonderful day

Vibrant verdant peppers adorning the tops
Tables are set and pies lay face up
Gooey Cheese bubbles, sizzles then pops
Each plate adorned with a fork and a cup

A marathon ensues, who can eat the most food
Rushing over dodging kids with a shuffle
The last piece remains drawing a feud
Parents use ethics to solve this scuffle

The shortest straw shall win the last piece
A winner is chosen the rest stand in awe
The slice is lifted and dripping with grease
Last bite is gone when it enters the kids jaw

-Poem by Dragon Blogger