Nov 24

Random Twitter Poem For November 24th

Today’s random twitter poem consisted of six words that are highlighted in blue and provided by the following people: @reginasuniverse, @lejonprime, @benjphoto, @coyotesqrl, @SurfCityJay, @tami_squeak

Seeking A Pact

Tired of this world and these unending toils
Looking in the mirror day after day
Only to see the same face staring back at you
Desperation drives you to find something else

You have tried therapy to no avail
Hypnosis fails to induce sublimation
Drowning your sorrows and boredom in wine
On some days you teeter on the verge of death

With a flagrant disregard for your own life
You call upon the dark evil governance
And meet on a frigid icy moonlit night
You hold palaver with the demons of the dark

In exchange for a new purpose and new life
They may have your soul in the end
You awake the next day a king among men
Wealth and power are at your fingertips

You walk among your people who cower in fear
Those who derided you now show you respect
All seems to be going as planned
A slip on a walkway then breaks your neck

-Dragon Blogger